Arrow Shark 2014 Onboard E-Starter V3 Pro

The package contains:
E-Starter gear assembly
560S high torque motor
Spare Motor Gear
Servo switch assembly
CNC billet flywheel adaptor
500mm servo extension wire
Two Spare CNC Pawls for Flywheel Adaptor

Onboard E-Starter V3 Pro
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Introduction of 2014 onboard E-Starter V3 Pro
There is a saying : The Detail Is the Key of Success
The third version of our Arrow Shark E-Starter has been very successful around the world, but we are never satisfied and have invested considerable time and effort in developing further improvements which we are now proud to announce as E-Starter V3-Pro
In 2014 E-starter III Pro, we have re-design The CNC flywheel adapter which is now not using the thread on the crankshaft to hold the flywheel adaptor; instead it is bolting on the flywheel with two M6 bolts. With our new design, the flywheel adaptor will be even stronger and more durable for long term use, additionally, we are also including with the E-Starter two spare pawls for the billet adaptor to make sure youll be all set for years to come.
For this new 2014 version E-starter III Pro, the front spinner stays with original design with four pawls. This will make the contact timing shorter for faster engine starts, and the gears will fully disengage as soon as your engine is running. The result is that the E-Starter has no impact on performance and will work well with either stock or modified high-rpm engines.
The main gear is still detachable for easier maintenance and servicing, the 2012 version E-Starter III Pro still comes to you completely assembled and installation is very straightforward. It can be fitted to most brands of 26cc or 29cc marine engines currently in the market such as Zenoah, RCMK and QuickDraw, and can start both single cylinder and twin inline engines. In order to fit the E-Starter to those engines all that is required is to simply replace the Zenoah pulley with the CNC billet flywheel adaptor that comes with the E-Starter kit and then just bolt on the E-Starter III Pro.

The power source of the 2014 version E-Starter III Pro remains our OEM 560S black high torque electric motor; this has more power and torque compared with other 590 series motors and makes servo-controlled onboard and on-the-water starting easier than ever. The new motor is equipped with a built-in fan for better cooling and more efficient temperatures during operation. In order to run the 560 black motor properly, you will only need a 7.4 volt LiPo battery (2S) of 2200Mah or higher capacity, and a suitable charger for it.

Please Note that for the 2014 version E-starter V3 pro with 560S black electric motor, you will request only to use 7.4 volt LiPo battery not the 11.1 volt. the 7.4volt battery already has enough power and torque to start up to 30cc engine in few clicks, the 11.1 volt will cause the RPM too high that might cause damage on the motor gear.

Feature Details of the E-starter III Pro


We are always strugglling for the possible improvement for our existing products! because we believe that There is no Best, Only Better! we are now proud to announce as E-Starter V3-Pro

The CNC flywheel adaptor in our E-Starter III Pro has been totally re-designed by using two M6 bolt directly bolting on flywheel for even stronger and more durable of long term use.

Precision CNC made gears combination to make the performance smoother than ever.
All-in-one built-in servo switch control allows compact installation and easy starting.

OEM 590 high torque motor to deliver one-click starting of your gas engine when either on the stand or in the water.Easy installation with direct bolt on to any brand motor that could accept standard Zenoah motor mount.






Owner Manual


spare parts
Ignition Coil
Price: $25.00

Iridium Spark Plug
Price: $10.00

Sold Out
Piston & Ring
Price: $18.00

Source Coil
Price: $28.00

Heavy Duty Pull Starter
Price: $35.00

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Crankshaft & Key
Price: $48.00

Lighten Flywheel
Price: $28.00

Engine Isolation Mount (4 Pieces)
Price: $12.00

2" Band Muffler Steel Pipe

Price: $98.00

2" Band WTC SS Pipe&Flange
Price: $128.00

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