Arrow Shark has enough resources to help the exist RC business to OEM the products they need, the products including RC boat hardware or RC car CNC parts, the part range could be from a small accessory to a powerful gas motor. The OEM service procedural is simple, following would be the steps how this program from start to the end:

Step#1: Send us a email to: with a attachment picture of what you want to make, and the quantity and the material you request.
Step#2: We will reply you with the price for different quantities, plus average shipping cost for your order when it is ready, usually, more quantity you make the better price you will get.
Step#3:The price we quote you is only the average price, not the final price, if you are ok with the average price that we quote you, then, you will need to send us the sample, after we receive your sample, we will quote you final correct price according to the sample we have. Usually, it won't be much different.
Step#4: If you are ok with the final pricing, then, you will need to pay 50% of the deposit for the total amount of the order not including shipping, then, we will start to make you a sample and send it to you for verification of the quality. If you are ok with the sample, then, we will start to make your product, and tell you how much time we will need to get it ready to ship to you.
Note: You will need to pay all the shipping cost for the sample sending.
Step#5: You will be notified once your order is ready; then, we will send you a invoice for the other 50% of the payment plus the exact shipping cost for the package to ship to you.
Step#6: As soon as your payment is received. Your package will be shipped to you. So, the transaction is completed.

What Guarantee and promise you could get from Arrow Shark for OEM service program?

* First guarantee and also most import promise you could get from Arrow Shark is the Quality. We guarantee the quality of the product we make for you will meet your request.

* Arrow Shark is committed to protecting your privacy, we will never public our OEM customers information.

* We will not keep or sell any product from OEM customers. All final quantity will ship to customer; if needs, we will ask customers permitting if they want us to keep one sample for next order in order to save future shipping cost for sending a sample again.

* We will also make sure the factories who making our order will not keep any of sample either; so, there is no such products leak to market besides from our OEM customers.

* We will responsible for any mistake happen to the order.