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RC Boats with gas power have become very popular in this decade, and the speed of gas power RC boats has increased dramatically from 30MPH to 100MPH or more! RC boat gas engines have been developed from earlier Zenoah 23cc engines to much more powerful RC boat engines in both stock and pro-mod versions of 26cc to 29cc capacity such as our Arrow Shark XP254M II. This competes very favorably with other RC gas engine builders including Quickdraw, RCMK, J&G, CRRCPro and Chung Yang. All these RC model boat engine manufacturers have contributed to raising the radio controlled boat hobby to unprecedented levels of performance, speed and excitement. Arrow Shark is a company which dedicates itself to the RC model boats industry and strives to create and produce the best possible product for this market!

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Introduction of Arrow Shark Hobby

If you are visiting our Arrow Shark website for the first time, we would like to introduce ourselves so you
will know us better before placing an order.

Arrow Shark Inc is a registered trademark company based in the USA (New York) although, in order to lower our expenditures and make our products more affordable to our customers, we have built our factory and warehouse in China. We specialize in producing the finest Ready-To-Run (RTR) Radio Controlled Boats with Gas Power Engines. We also design related aftermarket hardware for our customers and for other RC Boat manufacturers; this hardware includes RC Boats scale outboard drive systems, scale stern drive units, powerful 6.5+HP 26cc gas engines such as our billet version XP254M II, high quality RC boat hulls, pro-modified RC boat props, high performance Tuned Pipe exhaust systems and RC Boats CNC accessories for Zenoah engine and other brand RC engines and for RC Hobbies resellers.

We not only manufacture products for ourselves, but we also design and produce OEM products for RC Shops and RC Car manufacturers such as CNC parts for RC Electric Boats, Gas RC BAJA, RC Truck and Gas Helicopters. We have the ability to produce any RC parts to a customer's request with high quality at very competitive pricing which can help companies become a supplier in their own right (and name) instead of being a dealer for other brand products. We hope Arrow Shark will become your one stop RC boat shop whether you are an individual customer or an RC business.

We not only design, create, test and produce a wide range of RC boating products, but we also continually look for ways to make our products more affordable. That is why we have pushed our bottom-line and have created these "Hi-Saving Programs", including now free worldwide shipping, to present the best possible combination of innovation, quality and value for our customers.
It is easy to create a new product at any time, but it is not always easy to stand behind the products and give customer support anytime it is needed.We are endeavoring to give the best service possible to every one of our worldwide distributors and individual customers. And we always believe that "There is no Best, Only Better!" in both products and service.


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